About page, that seems so professional and way to intense. But whatever if you are reading my blog you probably want to know a little something about me. Well I am 16 and my birthday is January 7th. I go to high school and will be a junior this upcoming August (OH JOY.) I dance and I play the clarinet. I have pretty much screwed up my personal life by being a total bitch. Not that I am trying to turn this into a blog where I talk about how  much everyone hates me but I will vent some times about stupid people and stupid things. I am a 16 year old girl what more can you expect. But anyways I love to dance and love to be a member in my schools marching band. Yes I know so cool. And I love fashion. I know some of you might be saying band geek with a sense of style well yes I might be a band geek but that doesn’t mean I follow band geek protacal. Oh and if you can’t tell I suck and spelling and grammar and I don’t really care. I try to use ‘ but I sometimes get to carried away in my writing to bother. And my spelling well it sucks get over it or stop reading I sound out my words the best I can. And if you can’t tell I am sarcastic and sometimes a know it all and a bitch but that is who i am and what i am ABOUT!


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