Rude Neighbors

I HATE RUDE NEIGHBORS. Okay I understand if you want to through a get together every once in a while but yelling and screaming like a high school party at 1 AM is just rude. So we got new neighbors like 2 months ago and tonight they had their second party since moving in which is totally okay with me but they act like teenagers. I hate parties they creep me out, all the shit (excuse my language) that happens. They just scare me. But anyways these new neighbors have got to be in their 30 or 40 they have 2 boys in  high school and they are throwing crazy parties. I understand having fun but at 1 AM it is just rude. They live 4 houses down and I can hear them yelling and screaming and blasting their music I literally am about ready to call the cops. I live in a good community estate and we have rules about when noise level has to be lowered and that was 3 hours ago. These new neighbors must not have gotten the rules yet. I am a teenager and yes I do stay up until 1 AM but not many other people do. And their house is surrounded by neighbors. I get you want to have fun but grow up. You don’t need to have crazy parties wit blasting music till 1 AM. And the last party their were kids just walking down the street like 10 of them with no lights at like 11. I had come home from the movies and I almost hit them. And they just decided to run into my yard to get out of the way. Like really your parents are not showing you how to be adults by throwing parties and running through peoples yards. They seemed nice but I am about ready to blow!!


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