So I am 16 and yes I know I am a new driver but I have been driving for 6 months and I see myself as a pretty good driver. I know some teens make stupid mistakes but I am very cautious when I am on the road. Maybe because of the horror stories that took place at my high school in the last two months. Two cars flipped within a week and one girl died from it and another was flown to the hospital. Now one of the flips is still unknown for the reason some say it was texting some say it was truly just an accident and the other was cause of drugs and being drunk but still in general I see teens (at least in my city) as being better drivers than old people. And old as in like 60 or 70 years and +. I live in a tiny retirement town. I am not even kidding it was named the US number 1 retirement town. So as you can all guess that means old people invade the roads. And most old people and I say most very lightly SUCK AT DRIVING. They are crazy and more reckless than teens. They cut you off, the drive down the wrong aisles in the store parking lots, they stick their noses into traffic. They are not good drivers in my opinion. And what sucks is teens get discriminated against for our driving skills, but the fact is more people over 50 get into accidents than teens and new drivers. I believe any one over 55 should have to take a driving test every two years. I mean seriously new drivers can get their licenses’ suspended two years and old people get NOTHING. One of my really good friends was at the mall one day. She was backing out and saw a truck so she stopped, the driver (an old man) waved his hand for her to back out so she continued to back out and then he tried to pass her while she was backing out. She slammed on her brakes and the car bounced cause she thought she hit them so hard but really she hit the truck. She didn’t think she did anything so when the truck passed her she left and went home and now she has been going to numerous court dates and might not be able to get her license back for TWO years. Yes I know she was involved in a hit and run but a teen can do something like that and get no license for two years and an old person can run some one over and nothing happens. Yes that is right one of my 50+ teachers hit a KID. And she didn’t even get charged. The kid was freakin air evacted and nothing happened to her and a teen can barley hit some one and have years of punishment. To end it all I HATE OLD PEOPLE DRIVERS!


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