So I need to vent and this is going to be extreme venting. So my so called best friend forever, Ashley, that I was going on and on about. Well one of my followers was right she is not the “best friend” for me more like a BEST FRIEND FOR NEVER! Are you confused cause I totally am? So I started off this morning but texting her saying that I could take her driving on the drivers course cause she is supposed to get her license tomorrow and that I would pick her up at 6:40 for band practice. That is were is all went down hill. She hasn’t been talking to me lately for who knows what reason her stupid face had but I didn’t want a bitch and not take her to band practice so I texted her mom and simply told her to tell Ashley that we had band practice tonight and I would pick her up at 6:40. Apparently that was strike one in Ashley’s mind. When Ashley finally texted me back she said she was too busy to go driving and she was going to dinner at 5 so she didn’t need a ride to practice but would need a ride home. So I was like okay whatever see you later tonight. And she got mad at me for it. She was like you can’t drive my car anyways and I can’t practice in your and my parents have it. She just started going off about it and I was like whatever I will see you to night. And she was like UM OKAY. So she was mad at me AGAIN. All I did was…. truthfully I don’t even now what i did this time. So then a fight broke out and I don’t want to give you guys any details but things where said. I said some things I shouldn’t have and so did she. After hours of back and forth stabs in the back we ended it by her saying she was done with this unhealthy friendship and done with me. I know this might be for the better but I am crushed. She was my best friend (in my mind at least) for 5 years and know she was just going to throw it all away. To make matters worse she texted kendra her BEST FRIEND FOR 12 YEARS the ONE message in which I called her a bitch. I then got a three page long message from kendra saying that in friendships you figure things out not call each other bitches. SERIOUSLY! I have now two people hating on me and one doesn’t even now the whole story she just got the one message were I sounded like a brat. She doesn’t know that hurtful things were said to me! I don’t even know what to say. I just lost my best friend and now I am being stabbed at by two people. I said things that were wrong but i apologized cause I felt bad. Did i get one back no instead I am sitting here crying and venting my feelings to a computer with the hope that someone might read this. 


One thought on “BBFN

  1. In my post about what happened with my friends I didn’t go into full detail about what they did to me. Two of my “friends” began using twitter to harass me and call me pretty much every name in the book. It’s hard enough to deal with one person being upset with you, especially to the point of throwing away a friendship, but two people against you horrible. They’re talking amongst themselves and it has to be hard to get texts yelling at you and accusing you of being someone you’re not. All you have to do to get through this is realize that this Ashley girl is not a good friend and that you deserve better. Stop texting them back and just block them both out of your life. Go out and develop your other friendships, stop worrying about what Ashley and Kenda are saying/ doing. You know who you are and what you’re all about so be the bigger person and walk away! I hope that helps! ❤

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