Stereotypes and Stereotypers

Know a days as I walked through the school hallways my ears are filled with laughter, cussing, and stereotyping. This new found obsession has taken over high schools. We are told to try and break out of our circle of friends and see where else we can find friends in our different interests, but in 2012 I wouldn’t dare even trying that because I have been stereotyped as a Band Geek and Nerd. If you aren’t known as the “populars” you better enjoy your friends because you don’t have much of a choice. If you are lucky enough to have been stereotyped as a popular you are the ones we all praise, but why? Why is it that we all look up to these people? What do they have that our friends don’t? The answer to that is what…clothes, money, cockiness? Why is that they are seen at the top of the pyramid and chess geeks are at the bottom? I have always wanted to know how do you get stereotyped? Am I the only one that wishes we could all live in peace? Okay, I know I just totally Gandhi-ed up the web but seriously why is it that the populars can walk through the halls and crowds separate to let them through? In my high school, my friends and I sit on the floor and watch all the kids walk by and even if we were freshmen on the first day of school, we could tell which “group” was which. I hate that and wish it didn’t exist. I don’t want my kids to be in the band geeks group or the jocks or the barbies. I don’t want them to be seen as something from the outside and no the inside. Even with that I don’t want them to be stereotyped by the outside or in! I know I am 16 and can’t do anything but why is that the case? Shouldn’t I or any nerd be able to walk up Miranda or Sara (the popular girls) and talk to them without being dissed and shunned? I think what is hardest for me to comprehend is that I was a popular and know I’m not. (Not trying to toot my own horn or get sympathy just prove a point.) I was friends with all those girls in middle school and one bratty girl sent me and my lunch bag away from my friends and dissed me to the corner. I hope one day stereotypes and stereotypers won’t be around but sadly I don’t see that ever happening because the problem is only getting worse and I personally blame it on media. If you watch and chick flick about high school there is always a scene zooming in on each group. I hate stereotypes and wish I wasn’t categorized in one!


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