Hello world!

Where do I begin. I guess I should start with why I am here and what my purpose is, that sounds like a good place to start. I am a 16 year old girl who needed somewhere to vent. That might sound awful but I just needed some where to write down my thoughts and let people read about how I am feeling and what is on my mind without dealing with real people in my everyday life. I wanted to start a blog after watching Awkward an MTV show. I love the show oddly enough and was inspired to write a blog like Jenna. She seemed to really get a lot off her mind through her blog. Now if you are thinking why the heck don’t you write in a journal well this is my journal just a public one so I can feel like I am letting everything go. Will I tell my friends about this… heck no I need somewhere that I can speak and be heard and not judge by my wonderful high school life. I plan to write about fashion and life the only two things that really matter to me. I don’t really know what I am doing so this could be one of the worst designed blogs you read but I don’t care I just need somewhere to write down what is in my mind! I will get better and I plan to write whenever I need too. So I am not making a commitment and saying I will write everyday but I will write when I need to write and if my world spins around as much as it did last year once a day wont be enough for some of my crazy head spinning days. Is this making an since to my hopeful readers out there or am I just blabbering on about nothing??


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. haha you’re right about the awkward thing! We definitely have that in common, along with the fact that I needed this blog to vent about my life without the sometimes harsh judgements from peers. I just started following you back and you’re welcome to send me an email anytime! Thank you for your comment, it was so unbelievably nice of you! ❤ From what I've read so far, your blog is awesome! (:

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